The  Prayers

And be steadfast in Salah

Prayer is the connection a Muslim establishes with his Lord and Creator and comprises the loftiest manifestations of total submissiveness to Allah, turning to Him and seeking His assistance and support. When a Muslim stands in prayer before his Lord, invokes and remembers Him, his mind becomes serene. He realizes his true and deep sense of nothingness, the worthlessness and transitory nature of this life, and recognizes the greatness of his Lord and the immense mercy He has shown him. This prayer then prompts him to adhere to the principles of the divine law and to shun injustice, indecency, and wrongdoing, as the Qur’an states,

“The prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds.”

(Soorat Al-‛Ankaboot,29:45)


For Whom Is It Obligatory?

It is obligatory for every adult, sane and responsible Muslim, male or female to offer the prayer. However, menstruating women or women in their post-natal bleeding are exempt from offering the prayers and are not required to make up for the prayers they have missed after their bleeding ceases and they have purified themselves

Prayer Timings

Mon Mar 30, 2020
Sha'ban 6
Adhan Iqamah
Fajr 5:41am 6:15am
Sunrise 6:56am
Dhuhr 1:14pm 1:30pm
Asr 4:48pm 6:00pm
Maghrib 7:32pm 7:37pm
Isha 8:48pm 9:00pm

Jumuah Salat is at 1:30, Insha Allah.

The  Prayers

Five Obligatory Prayers and Times

Conditions that Must Be Met before Engaging in Prayer:

  • Removing physical impurity and ritual impurity
  • Covering the intimate parts of the body (‛awrah)
  • The ‛awrah during the prayer is of three types:
    • For an adult woman: All her body is considered ‛awrah except for the face and hands.
    • For a small child: His ‛awrah includes his private parts and the buttocks.
  • Facing the qiblah
  • When its Appointed time Becomes Due
    • It is better to offer the prayer as soon as its actual time becomes due.
    • It must be offered at its stated times

The  Prayers

Humility and Attentiveness in Prayer

Humility and attentiveness (khushoo‛) constitute the essence of the prayer and involve deep concentration and total humility before Almighty Allah, trying one’s best to concentrate and understand the Qur’anic verses and supplications recited in the prayer.
Being one of the most meritorious acts of worship, Allah ﷻ considers it to be one of the characteristics of the believers: “Successful indeed are the believers; they are those who humble themselves in their prayer.”

(Al-Mu’minoon, 23:1-2)

Those who observe khushoo‛ in their prayer taste the sweetness of worship and faith, hence the Prophet’s saying, “The prayer is the source of my greatest joy.”

(Sunan An-Nasaa’ee: 3940)