Mission Statement: The Community outreach Program at Islamic Society of Frederick is dedicated to making our faith real through acts of compassion as taught to us in the Holy Quran and through the example of the life of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Community outreach program is committed to creating a more just and compassionate society. We also partner with other non-profit organizations in order to support us in our mission. In addition to providing Islamic services through our Masjid, The Community Outreach Program will seek to support individuals and families in the following areas: Hunger Relief Neighborhood Meals Clothing and baby items Work with local non profit agencies to connect with the greater Frederick Community Youth Action Team (IMPACT) Referrals and Resource Assistance Spiritual Counseling (Through Masjid) Giving Circle / Chai Time New Muslim Care Emergency/Social Response

Neighborhood Meals: Several times a year serve hot nutritious meal to the greater community of those at risk of hunger
Clothing and diapers: new or gently worn clean clothing collected only as needed we do not have the space to collect year round. An announcement will be made prior any clothing collection. Please do not drop any bags of clothing at the masjid .
Baby and adult diapers, a collection will be announced insha Allah.
Emergency/Social response: Responding to local emergencies through collecting items needed by that community or individuals need. And also responding to local tragedies through visits and or gifts. (for example, if we know of a local fire we could reach out to the family ).
Youth Action Team (IMPACT!): To involve the youth in social services in our community and in the non Muslim community Winter coat drive Hot Chocolate hand out in the winter ( Giving out coats/ blankets and hot chocolate to the homeless in Frederick ) visits to Elderly and nursing homes
Assist in other areas of Community Outreach Referrals and Resource Assistance: Assisting individuals who come to ISF for zakat or assistance to connect with other resources that they may need such as shelter referrals, WIC, Frederick county social services and other resources available to them. We would also provide guidance as far as managing during difficult times. Many families who need Zakat will continue to need assistance with their situation and will need guidance to assist them on the road to becoming self sufficient.

Giving Circle/Chai Time: Gift baskets to individuals who are in the hospital or who just had a baby. Also if there is a need for something specific. Possible organization of visiting those who are sick in our community. Chai Time Monthly sisters meet-up to discuss topics that are relevant to social services, speakers from local non profits may be invited to join from time to time.

New Muslim Care: Connecting New Muslims with resources and also connect them individuals in our community

Food Pantry

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world” – Prophet Mohammed sws Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem Hunger Relief Program while describing the virtuous people in Surah Al-Insan, it says: “And they are those who give food – in spite of their own need , to the needy, and the orphan, and the captive, [saying in their hearts],’We only feed you for the sake of God, and we desire nothing in return from you, not even a word of thanks’’” (76:8-9).


Food kit items will be collected each month and distributed on the 15th of every month, fresh items will be accepted from the 13th thru the 15th Having this time frame prevents food spoilage and also prevents having too much overstock.
Items Collected:

  • Bread (Whole wheat/grain if possible)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Cereal
  • Crackers
  • Beans
  • Soup
  • Tuna
  • Rice
  • Olive Oil
  • Tea
  • Pasta 1
  • 00 % Juice (non refrigerated)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Spices/Seasonings
  • Jam
  • Voucher for 1 Whole halal Chicken
  • Honey
  • Dates and other dried fruit
  • Gift Cards from local food markets


Monthly nutritious supplemental food kits given out to individuals and families. Specific items will be collected so that we do not become overwhelmed with overstock. We do not accept donated foods that are old or expired, opened or in damaged packaging. We should commit to giving to others only what we ourselves would eat. By distributing only once a month we have a the unique opportunity of ensuring the foods are healthy and fresh.

For more information or questions please contact Masjid Admin at (301) 682- 5090 or admin@isfmd.com