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Frederick, MD 21702

What has allowed ISF to serve the community for more than 20 years is the dedication of our Members. Through your contribution and membership we are able to carry out the vital work of helping the needy, educating our children, caring for the sick, ensuring an Islamic burial for our deceased, and providing for prayer and spiritual growth.

Membership in ISF means that you have an active role in caring for the whole community. When you join ISF you are committing to something bigger than yourself and helping to provide for the future of our community. But it is only with your help that ISF can continue to serve the needs of the community for next 20 years.

ISF is a democratic organization managed by a Board of Directors who are elected by valued members like you. To become a member of ISF and support your community, please submit a membership form online or drop off the application.


Online Application – Coming Soon…