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ISF stands by to serve our community in times of grief. We offer our sincere condolences to you and your family, and we aim to make the janazah (funeral) process as easy as possible for you in your time of need.

ISF Funeral Services are part of a community trust called the Islamic WAQF of Maryland. Therefore, we have burial plots available in a Muslim cemetery, namely Al-Firdous Memorial Gardens in Frederick, MD.

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ISF provides comprehensive funeral and burial services below through the WAQF (trust):

  • Coordination with hospital and/or family
  • Transportation of deceased to the washing location/funeral home.
  • Washing of the body according to Islamic traditions
  • Janazah prayers at Islamic Society of Frederick
  • Leading funeral procession to Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens
  • Supervision of burial services at Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens

Next steps and what to expect:

  • Complete the online funeral request form.
  • After the form above is successfully submitted, the family will be contacted by either head of the Funeral Committee.
  • ISF/WAQF will coordinate when and where to pick up the body and take it to ISF for washing (ghusl). ISF funeral committee members can assist with the washing process if the family is unfamiliar or unavailable.

Please obtain the death certificate prior to the burial.
Once the ghusl (washing) of the body is completed, prayer services (Salatul Janazah) will take place. Janazah services are normally held after Dhuhr (1:30 pm) or Asr (late afternoon) prayer. After the Janazah, the deceased will then be transported by the funeral home to Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens for burial.

Available Burial Sites

Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens

Burial sites are available for individuals and organizations. The contribution for each burial site is $750, fill the below online form to make you reservation.

Please complete the form below

Information of the Deceased

Information of Next of Kin

Burial Sites are available now…

Alhamdulillah the Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens, an all-Muslim cemetery, located at 3845 New Design Road, Frederick, MD 21703 is open for burial. The first all-Muslim Cemetery in Maryland is located in a 10-acre section of the 100 Acre property under Islamic Waqf of Maryland, jointly owned by Islamic Center of Maryland (ICM), Islamic Society Of Frederick (ISF), and Islamic Society of Western Maryland (ISWMD).

After the form and payment are successfully completed, the family will be contacted by either head of the Funeral Committee. After the Janazah, the body will then be transported by the funeral home to Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens for burial.

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Explanation of Performing Ghusl of the Deceased

A religious service is held over the deceased body of every Muslim, young or old, even of infants who have lived only for a few minutes or seconds. When a person dies, the body is washed with warm water. Soap or any other disinfectant is used to cleanse it of all dirt and grime. In washing the dead body, the parts of the body which are washed in wudu (ablution) are performed first. Before the washing is started, the clothes of the deceased are removed. The private parts are covered with a piece of cloth/plastic to preserve modesty. This piece is kept on until the washing is complete.

Wudu (ablution) of the body is performed in the following manner:

  • The private parts are thoroughly washed.
  • The hands are washed up to the wrists.
  • The mouth is cleansed with a piece of cotton.
  • The nostrils are cleansed with cotton.
  • The face is washed from forehead to the chin.
  • The right arm and after that, the left arm is washed up to the elbows.
  • The head is wiped or washed up to the back of the neck.
  • Lastly, the feet are washed up to the ankles, first the right foot and then the left.

After ablution, the whole body is gently washed, preferably three times. In a washing facility where proper arrangements for pouring water through a rubber tube is available, washing three times is not necessary. Then the whole body is dried with new towels. Then the body is shrouded in layers of clean, unsewn, white cloths, known as a kafan.